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Side projects, open source

List of publicly accessible side projects I have contributed to in the past. Open Github to see more.

COSE signatures and receipts playground

Playground to create COSE signatures and countersign them. Issuer is using did:web to distribute public keys.

Playground Source code
Self analysis iOS app

A simple questionnaire app focuses an individual on his/her past performance, achievements or failures.

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Understanding the basics of investments & savings

How much should/could I save? Where do I start? How to invest? Similar questions bothered me for a while.

Visit website Source code
React and Micronaut authentication templates

Templates to authenticate users and then authorize them to access an API on Lambda. By using a free Auth0 account. Another idea doomed to fail.

Visit website Website source AWS Lambda source
Local internet speed monitor

Because you just never know when your internet service provider will ask you “How’s your internet?”.

Visit website Source code
Build your own text generator

How hard can it be to train your own machine learning model which will generate text for you? Too expensive to run it purely for demos, only source code available.

Source code
Search of Irish startups (outdated)

Had this idea of compiling all of the Irish startup companies in one place in 2015/2016. Wanted to sift through and see what is happening, what problems people try to solve.

Visit website Source code
Android sensors app

Subscribe to device sensors and store data locally. Later use a URL to send the aggregated data somewhere you need.

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Blog posts (continued)

Employment length - leave or stay

May 11, 2021
Once, a colleague of mine has told that he used to limit himself to working in the same company for no more than two years. He had a chance to work in the top tech companies. I’...
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The pocket mentor

February 24, 2021
What if you had someone who could hold your hand at any time? Then would make you smile, cry, or laugh, would teach and even challenge you?
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Jumping from React Native to SwiftUI

February 22, 2021
Just briefly after Christmas, a new idea got into my small head. To build a new but straightforward app for my own use. Nothing fancy, just a questionnaire app.
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Bloodshed, screams and fights for the amusement

February 10, 2021
Some events in your life get imprinted you like it or not. My short miserable life gets no exceptions.
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Lessons learned after being a Zoom host in a global event

December 17, 2020
Toastmasters virtually hosted the global event over a 24-hour Zoom call on 12-13 December. Clubs around the world joined and talked about “Holidays around the world”. It all sta...
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How did I end up working from home

November 20, 2020
Before I forget all the associated details around various working from home experiments, I’ll write them down here. I’ve had the first-hand experience before Covid hit the econo...
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Micronaut API with JWT authentication on AWS Lambda

May 5, 2020
Quite often JWT tokens are used to authenticate API requests‍. In previous example I got them issued by Auth0:
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Auth0 blocked me from logging in

February 19, 2020
To my surprise after writing a simple example which deals with Auth0 login I got blocked from logging into it.
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Talk - Securing web applications with minimal resources

February 16, 2020
Had a chance to speak in “Cork|Sec” meetup here in Ireland, the event was busy enough. People filled the area on the first floor in a pub called “An Spailpin Fanach”.
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Auth0 authentication in a React website

January 4, 2020
In a couple of posts I’ll go through setup of Auth0 authentication for your website (React.js) and API server followed with examples in GitHub repositories. Primary reason for w...
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Talk - Running Python scripts in Node.js

October 4, 2019
Broke the ice with my first meetup talk in “Dublin Node.js Meetup”. Event took place in the heart of Dublin next to St Stephen’s Green in the office space provided by Intercom. ...
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Joining local Toastmasters club

June 13, 2019
Life long learning is a challenge. Not only you are supposed to learn but also choose which direction to go. It is a bit easier when you are a technologist of sorts as there are...
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GitHub login OAuth flow with AWS Lambda

May 28, 2019
May 2019. In a need of Github access token to interact with their API. Adding “Login with GitHub” button should not require deployment of your own serverside app. Sigh.
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AWS certification: preparation, exam and value

March 8, 2019
March 2019. Just passed my first Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification exam - AWS Certified Developer - Associate (DVA) and wanted to share my preparation experience and what ...
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Build Docker image on Travis CI and push it to AWS ECR

January 17, 2019
If you are using AWS it is relatively easy to create a private Docker registry and after pushing some images, reference them when launching ECS/EB instances.
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Run Tensorflow scripts from Node.js server deployed on AWS as Docker container

December 20, 2018
Machine and deep learning tooling is excitingly accessible and fun for a developer to work with. There are couple of ways to develop/play with machine learning code:
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Using Python scripts in Node.js server

November 11, 2018
A while back ago I was learning/playing with machine/deep learning but all that was only in Python, in a Jupyter Notebook. Latter allows writing and running and executing script...
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Static website, multiple html pages, using Webpack + example on Github

August 18, 2018
Most of the time I tend to client needs — integration, search functionality, complex business logic. But this time I needed a simple website for myself.
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Dockerized tomcat and cron on AWS

May 15, 2018
Long time ago there was an app built using great framework called Grails, it was a monolith rendering its html pages, exposing API for its children Android and iOS, sending stat...
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Spring Boot security expressions for Auth0 JWT

March 2, 2018
Usage of separate authorization server comes with a bit of challenges, first you want to be able to login with a client without using session then you need to share this authent...
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Android DI with Dagger2 plus sample app

February 14, 2018
Here we are, app is already in production, codebase is growing bit by bit.
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Back to education

July 5, 2017
Recent years were intense, I would not say that nothing was learned, but it was unstructured and not deep enough. There were new frameworks, programming languages, paradigms but...
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ROS: from scratch to first package

February 16, 2017
I started using Robot Operating System (ROS) for my fresh robot idea and found first steps of setting up, distribution, version control a bit frustrating. Following text is mean...
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Just do it! Dammit. Too much thought, Not enough action.

January 25, 2017
12.00PM and energetic as usual, my heart beats get stronger, blood pressure increases and frustration fuels my brain. “I’ll get up at 6.00, then gym, then read news, then couple...
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node.js as serivce with upstart on centos

November 4, 2012
Recently I gave myself simple task to test out tiny node.js app on server. While starting it manually is no brainer but it made me think more when I wanted to make it work as ba...
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