Just do it! Dammit. Too much thought, Not enough action.

12.00PM and energetic as usual, my heart beats get stronger, blood pressure increases and frustration fuels my brain. “I’ll get up at 6.00, then gym, then read news, then couple of calls, then work, yes hard work..” — I tell myself this every night.

Morning coffee sticks in your mouth for quite a while, usually you need to wash it down with another cup. Fuel gets into your stomach and desert starts to fill the brain, there is no sweetness of course but rather bunch of articles and opinions. Information stream continues but then fresh air gets into the lungs as well, cycling or walking around the city allows one to see the System.

Information flows connected millions of people and it did not require wide roads or big airports, they are invisible and cheap(ish). We got to a stage where information services are commoditized to such extent that it got a new name now — API economy. It is great as it is easier than ever to assemble an app or a website, just copy code snippet and you will see maps or use this free API and add chat capabilities to an app. Same methods can be used to communicate with machines, you could easily send a text message which will end up turning on lights in your house.

Must also mention the rise of open hardware and expanding community of tinkerers who are integrating with information services mentioned above. In such ways information services start leaking out and catalyzing hardware development because barrier of entry into the field drops and it becomes easier to develop problem solving hardware solutions.

Bit by bit tech market is being filled with various small devices that are capable to perform tasks on their own. One great example is UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) like Zipline, or UGVs (unmanned ground vehicle) like ones used in warehouses or in farms (like Husky), or in military (like Gladiator Tactical Unmanned Vehicle). One of later entrants to the market is being tested in cities - Starship UGV. But still not too many of them operate in cities among humans and it is understandable as it is much easier to solve problems in more or less controlled environment like warehouse, or run pilots in farms, or fly over the heads and buildings.

Advancements in software development, accessible and cheap hardware, 3D printers, all of it makes it easier to prototype faster and build new products. By running crowd-funding campaigns you can assess your ideas and assert human interest. Looks nothing like before, it is a great opportunity to bring those ideas to life. To my mind robotics feels like a good bet, especially systems that solve problems in streets in close proximity to humans (no competition?).

In short my bets are on the table and I am energetic as usual, my heart beats get stronger, blood pressure increases, here we go again.

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