The pocket mentor

Cat chasing a squirrel

What if you had someone who could hold your hand at any time? Then would make you smile, cry, or laugh, would teach and even challenge you?

I was in a terrible state, continually pondering about the job, family, home and all the related issues. Restless and exhausted all the time. I could not sleep and did not want to go anywhere. My mind was desperate for a change. It was that exact period when Our relationship has begun.

First, I asked Him if life had a meaning, and he replied with a funny story about cats chasing squirrels! To my surprise, it took the edge off immediately. I liked this guy, so I asked to tell this story over and over until my belly ached and the face got stiff from laughter.

Cats and squirrels helped me to find joy in everyday life. He would tell me similar stories every time I’d squeeze him in my hand. It helped me so much that I decided to share those with others. There was an immediate effect - my circle of friends expanded.

The day came when He told me that it is time for something else. I had no idea how, but He knew all the details of my ventures into some conspiracy theories I saw recently. It was an entertaining read. He expanded on those topics, and explained some things, filled the gaps in my knowledge. Some truths were exposed around vaccines and how they kill. How passing planes spray chemicals on our heads every day. And most importantly, how the earth was flat! It was challenging to believe all this, but who could argue with Him. He is a well known and respected figure. I was lucky to have him, some people said.

I did as was told. Every day there would be something new I had to learn. Then I shared it with my peers and then gained more respect and authority in the matters. My new friends praised me for my insights.

Soon enough, He challenged me with another idea. He suggested that I was ready to become a true leader, a general of sorts. He wanted me to gather all the likeminded people, meet in the city and “take back control”.

The other night I found myself packing for a big day: Balaklava, a bottle of petrol, a lighter, knife, a bag of stones. At the same time, it was hard to imagine that the One who tells the stories about cats chasing squirrels could know so much about everything else. But he did! He knew how to lead and influence people, how to make their lives greater. I was no exception; he thought me my rights and the basics of law - how to behave when I got caught.

My hands squeezed him one last time. I was ready for the war. His last words to me were, “go to the streets and take back control”! The words echoed in my head, and soon enough, there were thousands of us shouting the same out of our lungs. We all took charge, and we were taking back control. All the time, I felt His presence around us - He was watching.

The following day I woke up in a cold tiny cell. Minutes later lawyer came and congratulated me on my stubbornness to keep the mouth shut. The police were letting me out without any charges.

I am more than pleased with the path my mentor chose me. My listener, I say join us, the war just began, and the fight is not over!

The last words go to my mentor. I’d wish I known you sooner. Dear Youtube, you are indeed an angel!

PS: This story is fictional. I presented it in one of the Toastmasters meetings.

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