Talk - Signatures and receipts in the supply chain security

Photo by Matthias Wagner on Unsplash

I had the privilege of being granted a remarkable opportunity to deliver my inaugural conference presentation at the esteemed security conference, BSides Dublin, on May 27th. Renowned for its dynamic and inclusive atmosphere, the event attracted a diverse range of security enthusiasts from various backgrounds. The organizers demonstrated exceptional proficiency, meticulously orchestrating a seamless experience for both speakers and attendees, ensuring a memorable and impactful gathering.

With great excitement and a touch of nervous anticipation, I took the stage to share insights on a topic: “Signatures and Receipts in Supply Chain Security.”

As I began, my enthusiasm got the better of me, causing me to speak at a rapid pace. In my eagerness to share my knowledge, I realized that I may have unintentionally rushed through some key points. Nevertheless, the supportive atmosphere created by the event’s organizers and the understanding nature of the audience helped put me at ease.

BSides Dublin proved to be the perfect platform for my inaugural conference presentation!


Below you’ll find embedded slides. For any reason it does not show up you should be able to access them directly


Photo by Matthias Wagner on Unsplash

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