Trying to publish an iOS app

Apple has a problem, and it is a big one. Current offering that includes devices, xcode, swift and swiftui is not great. And it needs to be great for people to be able to write better apps/games/you-name-it. Google got it and their Android ecosystem is easier to work with, easier to handle. On Android Java problems were alleviated with Kotlin, Android Studio is based on IntelliJ which is fast and responsive, and build tooling is easy to use. This is not the case on Apple side. Xcode is slowish, constantly shows ghost errors, and feels out of date. Newer Swift language looks great, but the SwitfUI framework lacks important features where workarounds are necessary. Documentation is poor. Publishing process is somewhat complicated. The best part about Apple is the fixed set of hardware you need to work with.

The way I like to put it to myself is to ask, would I want my kids to go through this, to learn and do this?

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